NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.2 (ENG)

Avangate ItaliaNAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.2 (ENG)
26.01.2021 REDAS

Nuove Caratteristiche

Backup & Recovery di SharePoint Online
Having your Microsoft 365 account added to NAKIVO Backup & Replication with SharePoint credentials, you can now back up SharePoint Online sites and recover SharePoint document libraries and lists.

Lock Backup Objects in Amazon S3
The feature allows you to make backup objects stored in Amazon S3 immutable.
It will provide protection from ransomware and deletion.
The feature can be enabled on the Retention step of backup and backup copy job wizards.

Using the tenant creation wizard in a multi-tenant mode, you can assign infrastructure (host, clusters, VMs, etc.), Transporters, and Backup Repositories to tenants. Supported platforms: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and physical machines.


  • Per backup object verification is now also available for forever-incremental Backup Repositories
  • Support of Dell-EMC Data Domain DD OS v7.x
  • Support of additionally installed/auto-updated Transporters for Microsoft 365
  • NAS support for Microsoft 365
  • Integration of Release Notes into NAKIVO Backup & Replication
  • Use of SSH keys for a physical machine agent in addition to username and password
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Restart of Director service from the NAKIVO Backup & Replication UI
  • UI improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Support of Nutanix AHV v5.15
  • Granular notifications for Microsoft 365 jobs