Acronis Cyber Cloud 21.05 – Maggio 2021 (ENG)

Avangate SecurityAcronis Cyber Cloud 21.05 – Maggio 2021 (ENG)
10.06.2021 REDAS

Nuove caratteristiche

Acronis Cyber Cloud

Auto-update for agents

  • New agent auto-update functionality allows an MSP technician to keep agents on the latest version, without any manual operations.
  • A partner or customer administrator can set agent auto-update configuration for customers, units, or individual machines.
  • Administrators can set a maintenance window when agents can be updated and select the version of the agent to be installed.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS. Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) support is planned for future versions.
  • Auto-update does not support the current version of agents, thus update agents to the new version should be done by using the agent update procedure.

Registration token management improvements

  • A partner can now generate registration tokens without having to log out from the partner account and log back in as a customer.
  • A partner can extend the scope of the token to include a protection plan.
  • These changes provide more flexibility and empower script-based integrations.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

On-demand deployment of Anti-malware protection components

  • Anti-malware components will be installed to the client computers only if anti-malware protection is selected in the protection plan.
  • This will decrease RAM consumption and the number of services running on the machine.
  • This will allow preserving compatibility with third-party antivirus solutions.
  • There is no need to manually install or uninstall the antimalware protection component on multiple machines — it is done automatically.

Monitor signed applications (non-Microsoft certificates) by using Behavior detection

  • Increased security protection for the customer workloads, by monitoring signed application for potential threats.
  • All signed applications, including Acronis’s own applications, will be monitored by the Behavior detection engine.

Notary: Document Templates for standard agreements in Acronis Notary Cloud

  • Uploading standard agreements (for example, employment contracts, service agreements, NDAs, etc.) to the Notary Console as templates.
  • Sending documents for eSigning by using document templates is easier: only emails and custom fields should be specified.

Notary: Custom fields for document templates

  • Easily specify information, such as bank account, dates, and other, by using custom fields.
  • There is no need to create a new document and upload it to the Notary console when changes are required.

Notary: Mass sending of documents for eSigning via Acronis Notary Cloud API

  • Send hundreds of documents for eSigning in seconds by using the new document templates API.

Advanced Packs

Software inventory improvements

  • Software inventory shows a warning message that informs about the need to change the current service quota to one that supports software inventory.
  • Provides detailed information about the inability to perform a software inventory scan if software inventory is disabled for the tenant account.
  • Provides detailed information about why the software inventory is not available, if there is no service quota for the workload.
  • Shows a clear notification with detailed information if no service quota is available, and provides an advice on what to do next to enable and use Software inventory.

Disaster recovery: Reliable failback planning based on the backup size of a server

  • During the failback planning phase, it is possible to see the size of the backup that needs to be transferred back to the local site.
  • There is also a tooltip with recommendations on how to calculate the downtime correctly.

Cyber Files and Files Cloud: Support authentication with client certificate for Android

  • Client certificates provide and alternative solution to user ID/password authentication.
  • Added support for mobile device management auto-login with a client certificate.

Cyber Files and Files Cloud: Improvement for iOS

  • New editing interface for secure editing of Microsoft Office files.
  • Improved files preview functionality to support more file types and password-protected Office files.
  • Implemented an ability to edit plain-text files.
  • UIWebView is now replaced with WKWebView.

Management Portal and Platform Core

  • New tooltips provide information about the functionality included in offering items.

Updated Components

Acronis Cyber Protection agent

  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Windows (v. 15.0.26986)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Mac (v. 15.0.26986)
  • Acronis Cyber Protection Agent for Linux (v. 15.0.26986)

See the release history of Acronis Cyber Protection agent here.